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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Upcoming performances

Where does time go? It has been forever since I've added to my blog. Sigh. But, canning is mostly done now, so I will try to start posting more regularly.

First on the agenda -- something for YOUR agenda. If you would like to hear some great music, here is the Fall schedule for the two community choirs to which I belong:

Utah Baroque Ensemble

Sunday November 15th Orem East Stake Center - 600 N 800 E Orem, 7:00 PM (Ages 8 and older)

Sunday Nov 22nd Provo Sharon East Stake Center, 2400 N 1060 East, 7:00 PM (Ages 8 and older)

Monday December 8th, Orem Public Library (Holiday concert and sing-along) (This is the one I recommend for kids) Times TBA - There are two concerts that evening because it's been a very well-attended event in years past. I will update this posting when I have the times)

Christmas Chorus
The Christmas Chorus is celebrating it's 30th year!
Saturday December 5th, 1:30 PM (a good time to bring kids)

Sunday December 6th, 7PM (Ages 8 and up)
Both performances are in the chapel at the State Hospital (top of Provo Center Street)

All of these performances are free, though both choirs love donations! There will be someone collecting donations at the Christmas Chorus concerts, but not at the UBE concerts. If you wish to donate, send it to Utah Baroque Ensemble, PO Box 1630, Orem UT 84059

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