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Since I never seem to get around to sending out Christmas cards or letters, I decided to blog a bit to keep my fans updated. :-)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas vacation

Christmas was a bit different this year -- one of my brothers called me a few months ago to invite me to come with his family and our parents to Mazatlan for the week before Christmas! So, on December 17th I met up with them in the Denver airport and we all went to Mexico. 75-80 degree days, lots of sun, a beach and pools. Oh, and lots and lots of pico de gallo. I think I consumed half a gallon of it, which will surprise those of you who know I don't care for either salsa or raw onions. Normally, I avoid raw onions because I taste them for hours after consumption, but I didn't have that problem in Mexico. Weird, eh? I even ate fresh jalapeno slices on my nachos.

We tracked the memorable things that happened each day -- here is a recap:

Day 1: Aunt Holly surprised the nephews at the airport -- until I showed up, they didn't know I was coming along.

Day 2: I discovered a pet in the shower -- a small lizard. On the 27th floor. How did he get there?

Day 3: While we were eating lunch poolside, a coconut catapulted out of a palm tree and landed on my brother's chaise lounge - and broke a piece off the frame. Glad it wasn't his head.

Day 4: We taught the boys to play poker (and my brother taught me to play Texas Hold'em)

Day 5: My brother and his family played tennis and then in the tide pools. I was a good girl and worked out in the gym while they played tennis.

Day 6: Fishing and Marine wildlife sightings -- we went out on a boat for a few hours and saw a couple of whales, lots of dolphins, sting rays, and sea lions. Didn't catch much.

Day 7: Spied an iguana walking along a wall by the pool. Swam in a very cold pool -- the water was colder than the ocean waves.

The boys and I played in the surf three times - it was cold, but not as cold as California ocean. We played in the pool pretty much every day.

My phone had no connection at all, and the only wireless connection for my iPod was in the lobby or by the pool. It was great to be by the pool while reading email and Facebook accounts of all the snow that fell in Utah last week. Best of all was being completely disconnected from all stress and busyness. We were truly "unplugged". It isn't often that I come home from a vacation and feel rested and relaxed, but I sure did this time. It was very nice to not feel like I needed a vacation to recover from my vacation.

Upon our return, I stayed a few days in Colorado to visit my other brother and his family and to celebrate Mom's birthday. That felt more like Christmas!

Thanks to the Harvey clan for making my Christmas wonderful! I love you all!

Monday, December 13, 2010


It's 5AM and I've already made 2 batches of toffee today. That's what happens when you wake up just before 4 and your brain engages and tells you, "If you get up right now, you can get the toffee done before you have to leave for the gym".

I even have enough time to clean the kitchen a bit. And believe me, after a weekend of candy-making, it needs it. Sigh.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sing we now of Christmas

I am happy to report that my new laptop communicates nicely with my external hard drive, which means I was able to set up iTunes on the laptop and import all the music I'd previously stored on the external drive. Most of it was already on my ipod, but I had taken the Christmas music off of the ipod last Spring. When my old computer died, I didn't have a way to sync my ipod and bring back the Christmas music. Arrggh!

Happily, I was able to sync the ipod last night and restore the Christmas music. Fa la la la la!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

shhh...don't tell

Shh...don't tell anyone...but I just made my morning oatmeal with hot chocolate instead of hot water...

It looks a little strange, but it tastes great!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Help out the Orem Public Library when ordering from Amazon

I noticed a link the Orem Library website to Amazon. If you access Amazon through the link, up to 15% of your purchase will go towards funding The Center for Story & Art. So, if you are still doing some holiday shopping at Amazon, click on their Amazon link and help the library at the same time!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Two Thumbs Up!

Today some co-workers and I checked out the new Magleby's location in Provo (by the Marriott Courtyard where TGI Friday's used to be).

Survey says? Very much like the old Maglebys. Hurray! There was a terrific lunch buffet - soups, salad, roast beef, teriyaki chicken, trout, potatoes, cooked veggies (squash with carrots), breadsticks, and dessert. I'm sure there were other offerings, these were just the ones I noticed. There is also a lunch menu if one wishes to order a dish rather than wander the buffet.

I've missed the former Maglebys that used to be just off the diagonal. The Riverwoods location didn't have the same feeling to it, even though the food was delicious. This new one just felt right.

If you want to go and need an additional member of your party, I'm your girl! It is my birthday on Sunday...so feel free to call it my birthday present -- I'm happy to take rain checks for 2011 since you are probably as busy as I am right now...

(Good things come to those who wait?)

Christmas Music

Greetings from your long-lost blogger!
I thought I would let you know of some Christmas Concerts happening this weekend in case you need some Christmas cheer!

Christmas Chorus (Treble Choir)
Saturday 2:30 PM (kid-friendly)
Sunday 7PM (well-behaved audience members please)

--These concerts are in the chapel at the state hospital in Provo (top of Center Street). If you are facing the admin building, the chapel is the next building to the right. This choir is in its 31st year and specializes in Christmas Carols from around the world, as well as Benjamin Britten's Ceremony of Carols. (we do the Ceremony of Carols every year). This year we have an awesome gospel piece that I suspect will be an audience favorite.

Utah Baroque Ensemble
Monday 6PM and again at 7:30PM in the Orem Public Library (same program for both performances) Some UBE-only pieces, some audience + choir pieces.

If your kids need to attend concerts as homework for their music classes at school, these are great.

I love these concerts because they are ALL Christmas music, and I do love my Christmas music. fa la la la la...la la la la!