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Since I never seem to get around to sending out Christmas cards or letters, I decided to blog a bit to keep my fans updated. :-)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A new Thanksgiving tradition

I joined B.S and family for Thanksgiving today over at Silly Girl's grandparents' house. We started with cheese and crackers, chips and dip, veggies and other appetizers around 11AM. About 1PM we decided to institute a new tradition--one I am calling "Life is short, eat pie first!"

Yep -- we had pie for lunch. The turkey dinner will start around 5.

I think I really like this. I often pass on pie after Thanksgiving dinner and just catch it the next day as part of the leftovers extravaganza. I found I really enjoyed having it earlier in the day. And, since we have more than 1 pie/person this year, there is plenty of pie left for those who want some after dinner today (and for me to have some more tomorrow).

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


  1. great idea! think I will try to put this info to good use like on Christmas day :}

  2. hellO!
    how are you?
    warm greeting for you family ^^

  3. I am always a fan of pie first...and pie later...:)