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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A baking tidbit

Sometimes my cookies end up thin and crispy when I did not intend them to do so. I've often wondered what makes the difference when the same recipe behaves differently. I'm wondering if it isn't the softened or room temperature butter. Room temperature in my kitchen has a pretty wide scale of degrees.

Recently, I came across a recipe that described the butter as "softened, but still cool". I think that is a better way to describe it. Because when my butter is squishy to the point of nearly crossing the line from solid to liquid, I get unexpected or undesired results.

Just some musings in case you find 'em helpful. :-)


  1. One way to make your cookies more consistent is to chill the dough in the fridge. Same concept just more achievable.

    Also, there is a recipe in the Cook's Illustrated cookbook that uses melted butter which will also produce more consistent results.

  2. Parchment paper also makes a huge difference when it comes to baking, too.