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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kindergarten carpool

This month I have been helping a friend by taking her turn with the kindergarten carpool, which consists of picking up 3 children from the preschool/daycare they attend and transporting them to their elementary school. I must say, they make me laugh EVERY time!

At the end of the first trip, as they were exiting my vehicle, I cheerily told them "Have fun at school today!" One of the girls stopped and turned around and corrected me with "You mean Kindergarten". "Oh, right!" was the only thing I could utter before swiveling my head away from her so that I could laugh. DUH Holly! It's Kindergarten, not School!

Today, my friend's son was commenting on how AWESOME Halloween will be this year, because they will get both Preschool candy AND Kindergarten candy. I commented that this is called "double-dipping". They each had to try saying "double-dipping" aloud, and from the sounds of contentment and wonder I heard coming from the back seat, I think a little chunk of their worlds has just fallen into place and now makes sense.

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  1. A while back, the ward passed around a sign up sheet for primary volunteers and we both signed up. Since then, at least one of us is teaching primary nearly every week.

    We love the kids. As you mentioned, one of the most entertaining things is picking up on a their gems of wisdom. Our latest favorite is that "a dictionary is a book written by someone bigger than you to tell you what things mean."

    It's a good thing there's always someone bigger. :-)

    The Scofields