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Sunday, March 8, 2009

(Almost) A dream come true!

Guess who forgot about Daylight Savings today? Yup. Yours truly. Did not give it even a single thought yesterday, which is all it would have taken.

So, I get up at 7:30 (8:30 for the rest of you), and decided to check my email before showering. A little later, I looked at the clock on the task bar and noticed it said 8:48. It took about one second for me to realize "TIME CHANGE!".

Guess what time church starts? Oh yeah. 9:00 AM. So I grabbed a towel, wet my hair under the kitchen faucet, dried it about half-way, brushed my teeth, threw on my clothes and then, because of a New Year's resolution, applied some foundation to my face. Slipped into my shoes, grabbed my keys and books, and headed out the door. Applied lip gloss in the parking lot. Walked into the chapel at 8:57. (In case you don't know this about me, I lead the congregational singing, so it is kinda important that I don't arrive late)

It was almost a dream come true -- that dream where I forget to go to church and don't have a substitute to lead the singing. I have that dream about 3 times/year. I wonder if the next version will have a daylight savings theme?

I guess I'd better go reset my clocks now.


  1. That's funny, we were just talking about how it would be funny if someone forgot to set their clock.

  2. I forgot too, but I have backup systems. The cat woke me up at 4:40 (5:40 in adjusted time). I was ready to languish in bed until I realized it was almost 6 (my time to get up).

    I did check my watch which automatically adjusts just to make sure.

    I need to get an alarm clock that automatically adjusts. Then life would be good.

  3. I would think that, that dream would be a nightmare for me. I am so impressed that you got out the door so fast. I would have called the Bishop of that ward and said "grab someone" "I don't see this happening for me today". hee hee Not sure what your Bishop would think of that. Now about that lemon tart. I would have loved a bite of it. I love lemon pie, cookies, bars, tarts....Maybe next time keep me in mind, I would love to give you an opinion. Just thought that I could help out my neighbor. Love ya.