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Friday, December 3, 2010

Two Thumbs Up!

Today some co-workers and I checked out the new Magleby's location in Provo (by the Marriott Courtyard where TGI Friday's used to be).

Survey says? Very much like the old Maglebys. Hurray! There was a terrific lunch buffet - soups, salad, roast beef, teriyaki chicken, trout, potatoes, cooked veggies (squash with carrots), breadsticks, and dessert. I'm sure there were other offerings, these were just the ones I noticed. There is also a lunch menu if one wishes to order a dish rather than wander the buffet.

I've missed the former Maglebys that used to be just off the diagonal. The Riverwoods location didn't have the same feeling to it, even though the food was delicious. This new one just felt right.

If you want to go and need an additional member of your party, I'm your girl! It is my birthday on Sunday...so feel free to call it my birthday present -- I'm happy to take rain checks for 2011 since you are probably as busy as I am right now...

(Good things come to those who wait?)

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