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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stumpy Burger (Review)

On Friday some friends and I tried "Stumpy Burger" a new hamburger joint on Center Street in Provo (South side of the street between 200 and 300 West). The list of items on the menu is not long, but the food was quite tasty. I tried the "Bandit Burger" with grilled onions, and quite liked it. We tried their fries and onions rings, and I liked both. I'm not a big fan of most fries, be these were the heartier steak fries, and I do like those. No goofy seasonings on them either. Definitely try their fry sauce, which has a nice horseradish kick to it!

They also have coconut cream pie and a pie de jour. Because I am a sucker for coconut cream pie, I got a piece "to go". I didn't even ask what the other kind of pie was! Upon reflection, I should have shared it around the table, because it was a very generous piece...But instead, I had half on Saturday and half on Sunday.

If you are looking for a good hamburger in Provo, give them a try...or skip the protein and go straight to pie!


  1. Yum! I will have give Stumpy Burger a try.

  2. sounds like fun, but I wanted to mention that I like coconut pie too! hee hee

  3. As soon as I can disassociate the name with my best friend's dog (who was named stumpy, may he rest in peace) I will try it.