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Since I never seem to get around to sending out Christmas cards or letters, I decided to blog a bit to keep my fans updated. :-)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

FALL we hardly knew ye!

Yep, for those of you who read my blog but don't live in my neck of the woods, it is S*N*O*W*I*N*G here this morning. This is the view from my front door about 5 minutes ago. (Eat your heart out Yevi!) Luckily, I know it won't last, and proper Fall weather will return soon!

Happy Birthday to my favorite 4-year old, Eloise! And, Happy Birthday to the "Ettes"! It's finally your birthday on the calendar and not just on the clock!

LATER (12:18PM) It has stopped snowing, but did snow enough to cover all the grass! This is one of my favorite kinds of snow--it makes houses and lawns and mountains look lovely, but it doesn't yet stick to the sidewalk or driveway.


  1. Yeah. I'm jealous. We just got rain out of this storm.

    Who says snow isn't "Proper fall weather"?

  2. Oh My Holly, snow already? It is 14c (57F) here and I am still in shorts!

  3. It's been pretty cold the past few days, but is supposed to be warming up again starting today. Friday we should see highs of 65 (18) again, and lows of 40 (4.5).

  4. Well, that answers a question I had! We're going to be there in a little over a week and I was wondering how I should pack. Should be interesting, because we're going to Phoenix first!